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Unique features


Anonymity: secured anonimaty through out process until mitigating action is defined and implemented.


Crisis managed: Whistleblowers are met with crisis trained staff and kept updated on progress through out process.


Business secured: Cases are processed seamless and fast in secure and anonymous collaboration services.


User friendly: People participate from place and time of their choice and also whistleblowers can be involved in the collaborative mitigations.


Whistleblowing functions becomes increasingly important to establish for businesses and organizations. The sound of a single whistle reach with digital speed worldwide. With an external anonymity-proof system in place frauds, misconducts and other irregularities reach your ear in time. It creates transparency and 'early warnings' with security and integrity for all. Our whistleblowing function contribute to shape the value-driven organizations - those who are most adaptive and successful.


In addition to developing organizations whistleblowing functions contribute to protect the brand! An unexpected mass media attack on the brand is the question that creates the greatest concerns for the top management. Costs for these are difficult to estimate but substantial.


Whistleblower one becomes late in a sequence of events. Before this, a loyal employee, often for long periods, has observed something 'wrong'. It can be anything from corruption to harassment or other irregularities.


With the CCG Whistleblower function whistleblowers becomes early warners who with unbroken loyalty mediates the early warning signs.


Multiple languages - global service

The whistleblowing service is currently offered in the following languages:


  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Finish
  • Mandarin
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish


New languages are added to the service in pace with demands. If you need it we provide it.


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